About Julia

Julia Fuller-Kling 4I believe that when women feel cared for, loved, honoured, and celebrated during pregnancy and birth, their transition to motherhood is joyful, empowering, meaningful, and fulfilling. I am passionate about nurturing women and their partners during this transition.

 My journey to this work began with an interest in pregnancy, birth and babies when I was a child. Growing up, my mom always spoke about what an amazing, miraculous experience it was to be pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed me and my sister. My dad reminisced about how special and important it was for him to catch us as we were born. I remember asking to hear our birth stories again and again. As I grew older, I was in awe of babies and felt naturally attuned to them. I went on to do a degree in Child Psychology at Hampshire College, where I studied the benefits of attachment parenting, continuum parenting, and natural parenting on babies’ emotional well-being. I also studied Steiner/Waldorf early childhood education and worked in many different Steiner/Waldorf school settings, including parent-child playgroups, home daycare, nurseries, and kindergartens.

The past few years I have enjoyed providing Attachment Parenting-style childcare and postpartum support to over 10 different families with babies and young children. I especially loved supporting moms during pregnancy and postpartum, so I began my Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula trainings with Birth Arts International. I feel honoured to be invited to support parents during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, such a sacred time.

My other passion is making, I love sewing, knitting, cooking, and baking – I love to nest and decorate and fill our home with delicious food and beautiful handmade things. Yoga, dance, and meditation nourish me. I cherish time with my loving and supportive husband Tom, my family and friends.




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