Alisa, mom, said: “Julia was both my birth and post partum doula and words cannot express how incredible she is! She truly helped our lives in a way that has shaped us for the better. Her kindness, gentleness, insight and knowledge are invaluable, especially to a new mother and new little human! She truly became like family – she was an absolute god send! I felt confident and empowered in birth due to her help, and in post-partum life she was a support we could not have lived without. Our baby girl adores her and we are so grateful that she got to know Julia’s beautiful energy in the early stages of her life. Julia’s knowledge and support will be with us always – we often found ourselves saying “ask Julia!” for just about every question we had, and she kept us well-noursiehd with delicious, wholesome meals. Julia is a gift, and any family would be lucky enough to have her on their team as they welcome a new soul into the world. We love her so much!”

Claudia, mom, said: “Julia was a great help to our new family as we welcomed our first child. As a postpartum doula, she immediately made herself available, both in person and via text and email. It was nice to know that we could turn to her with questions as they arose. The first days and weeks with a newborn certainly come with challenges, adjustments, stresses, and an abundance of learning. Julia was so helpful and patient with us as we occasionally freaked out and got through a psychologically vulnerable period. She is supportive and encouraging to parents and has a great way with newborns. She is very sweet, easy-going, and patient with everyone! Aside from her kind nature, Julia is also very informed about newborn care and products that might be useful to parents. We totally made the right choice with Julia as our postpartum doula!”

Ellen, mom, said: “Julia cared for my 17-month old son during the birth of my second child. Like many NYC couples, we don’t have any family nearby.  I knew I needed someone on-call that I could trust with my son at home during my hospital birth, and I also knew I needed a post-partum doula (having not had one after the birth of my first son, and how hard that was!). Well-meaning family and friends simply cannot provide the level of help that Julia can.  Her understanding of the tender, precious beautiful time for the young family is profound.  She is deeply respectful of the mother, father and sibling’s needs and bond.  The visible work (making sandwiches, snacks, breastfeeding help, making the bed, laundry) is supported by a deep undercurrent of invisible (yet tangible) kindness, understanding and connection.  I give her the highest recommendation to any family needing help.”

Rae, mom, said: “It was five days after my daughter was born and I felt like I was underwater. I had been through an unmedicated labor that ended in a C-Section, my body was broken, breast feeding was excruciating, I was barely eating, getting maybe 2 hours of sleep a night, and my partner was returning to work the next day. It was obvious we needed help so my partner called Julia on the recommendation of a friend. She came the next day and with her calm, reassuring manner helped me approach motherhood with positivity and hope.We had decided to hire her for purely practical reasons but what I hadn’t anticipated was how instrumental she would be in helping me adjust to the new phase our lives. Julia’s magic is her ability to help you trust your own instincts. She is an expert listener, and was able to illicit from me how I actually felt about the decisions I was making. Particularly helpful were our discussions on co-sleeping and baby-wearing which made a big difference in helping me get some sleep, and make the most of my time awake. By the time she left that afternoon I had so much more confidence and hope. Over subsequent visits Julia helped me ease into motherhood using graceful, understated guidance and I credit her with being able to resume working (from home) within two weeks.”

John, dad, said: “My wife and I had Julia as our birth / postpartum doula for our first child and had a wonderful experience.She has an incredibly calm aura with a diverse and modern acumen when it comes to  welcoming a baby into the world. She was not only a wealth of information, but also quite tactical / hands-on in helping us find a serene rhythm to transition our baby into our family. Her warm disposition and care were essential during this extraordinary time in our lives. Julia’s partnership and support were indispensable (so much so that we ended up extending our postpartum sessions with her). We wholeheartedly recommend her and would work with her again in the future.”

Kim, mom, said: “Julia was my post partum doula for my first child, and she was a god-send. Her caring and gentle nature were exactly what my little guy and I needed after such a whirlwind of an experience! She helped us with breastfeeding support, gave us great product recommendations such as the swing our son loves and a bottle that helped him transition easily back and forth from the breast to the bottle, and is still sending us helpful advice on sleep solutions and more – even after our time together. I absolutely recommend Julia to any mother – you will be thrilled with her!”

Mihaela, mom, said: “Julia was God sent!  My husband and I had zero experience with a newborn baby and were very nervous about the first weeks at home with our sweet baby girl.  I found Julia on DoulaMatch and I was impressed by the number of outstanding testimonials she had on the website.  We met and it was an instant click.  I knew immediately that we would be comfortable with her presence around us and the baby in those first weeks post-partum.  It ended up being so much more than that.  Julia’s radiant smile and calming personality made us feel at ease with our newborn baby.  I had a very hard time getting breastfeeding going and I needed to see a lactation consultant as soon as we were discharged from the hospital.  Julia reached out to her network immediately and we had a top notch IBCLC come to our home the following day.  Julia assisted us with baby girl’s first bath, which we were also very nervous about.  When my husband went back to work two weeks in, I was extremely nervous about being alone with the baby so soon.  Julia reached out to her network again and found a fellow post-partum doula who was able to take care of me and the baby whenever Julia herself was not available.  The one thing that I must point out is that – besides my husband – there is NO ONE other than Julia that I trust more with my baby, not family, not any other help.  That was true when my daughter was just a few days old and it is still true now that she is almost five months old.  Thank you, Julia!”

KS, mom, said: “Julia was our birth doula for our marathon 60 hour labor. She was by my side the entire time (yes, for three days!), and was a rock-solid support, caring for me and my husband, completely focused on the task. She was kind, present, completely knowledgeable about all things pregnancy, birth and baby care, and generous with her expertise and time. Julia truly is the expert you need to get you through your pregnancy, birth and those early stages of child rearing. Julia was so clearly born to be a doula, both in labor and post partum, that it’s inspiring to see her in action during birth. I would hire her again and again and would highly highly recommend her to care for you and your family in any way surrounding the birth of your child or caring for your babe once they are out. We can’t thank her enough and will Never forget the support she gave us during the birth of our first child. She is now more than just our doula, she is a friend.”

Shayna, mom, said: “Julia is a great postpartum doula. My husband and I didn’t know anything about taking care of a newborn. I contacted Julia before the birth of my daughter and she offered up a ton of advice and gave us great recommendations on baby care products (carriers, pumps, bottle types). Once our baby arrived, Julia made herself very available (in house, texting, emailing). I texted her a few times at night and she got back to me within the hour. She coached me on the best way to co sleep, helped me with pumping and answered multiple questions regarding sleep habits and breastfeeding. She is very patient and nurturing. She is full of knowledge and will provide you with many options without pressuring any one of them. Julia is awesome and I highly recommend her because she’s very knowledgeable in what she does and is a great support to have.”

Jack, dad, said: “Me and my wife Bunny felt comfortable with Julia the moment we met her – Her experience, calming influence and knowledge helped us through the birth of our first child. She created a place where we could have the experience we wanted in bringing our child into this world – She is an amazing individual – She let us discover and experience the process on our own, while gently nurturing and guiding us through any fears questions and concerns that were revealed along the way – Grateful to have her through the pregnancy and birth, and grateful to have her continued interest and concern in the well being of myself, my wife and our daughter. It feels as if her role as a doula is more of a life calling than a profession.”

Daisy, mom of three, said: “You have made such a difference to me and my family you helped hold the space in such a silent unassuming way. You truly have a gift and I know you will grow to be a very well known and honoured professional within this field of work. You brought such a sweet gentle energy with you when ever you would come to help me, it always made me feel very safe and secure. You cared for myself and my family so well I truly don’t know what we would have done with out you. You really did help support me to make her birth possible I am so grateful for this time we shared.”

Beth, mom of four, said: “The work that you have done for us has been perfect and amazing! Couldn’t ask for any more! Your gentle and loving manner suited us very well! You gave me confidence in many things particularly diet/health wise and also the choice not to vaccinate.”

Amy, mom of two, said: “(You) nurtured me through my pregnancy and three months postpartum, through making our family delicious and nutritious meals, giving me the support and space to rest and nurture myself, being a listening ear during my journey and research and being there for a hug when I’ve really needed it. You see a job that needs doing and do it always in a calm and relaxed way, keeping a harmonious energy about the house. As a mother I feel cared for, supported and nurtured enabling me to grow into mothering in the best possible way that I aspire to. I have had time to nurture myself during my pregnancy and through the early months of tandem breast feeding my toddler and newborn, making me strong enough to do these things well.”

Olivia, mom, said: “Her passion for both children and mothers radiates from her, and she is sensitive, responsible and knowledgeable about child development and wellbeing.  Julia is magically child-centred but pairs this with maturity, gentle structure, and practicality. My husband and I used to call her the baby whisperer! Julia is committed to supporting gentle parenting, good nutrition, and breastfeeding and took time to understand how we related to each other as a family. We were so lucky to have worked with Julia – we couldn’t have found a more emotionally tuned in carer for our daughter. It is rare to find someone who approaches working with children in as professional and heart-centred a way as Julia, and I am sure she will carry these strengths through to her work with birthing women.”

Nilushka, mom, said: ” We met Julia through my birth doula. She was very calm, and helpful with my son. She helped me and my son learn from each other. she is a wonderful cook and always made sure that I was hydrated and well fed.  I would recommend her as a postpartum doula.”

Amanda, mom, said: “I hired Julia as a postpartum doula when my son was about 5 weeks old. We were having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding and I thought that I just needed someone to come and help me feed myself and do some light chores. What I realized after Julia came the first couple of times was that I actually needed a lot of emotional support and reassurance, which is exactly what she provided. Of course, she also fed me lunch and did the dishes, but I think she was really amazing at just being there with me and witnessing what we were going through. She was able to reassure me that I was making the right decisions and just help us through a really difficult time. She had some amazing practical advice on newborn care and great ideas for equipment we could get to make life easier. She also assisted us on the subway during our first couple trips into the city and has been available by phone & email throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have done it without her!”